Thursday, 23 February 2012

second gen chaos

 and so the second generation IQ test begins. many breeders from our community should already be aware of the IQ test but for those that don't it is a basic survival test to weed out the weaker norns you have stronger generations. you start by placing the eggs or young norns in the work shop and without any help from yourself, they must realise the need to survive and enter the norn meso to find food.

 Amari laid 6 eggs in the end but two ended up hatching without me realising so i quickly exported them until i was ready to start the test. so i began placing the eggs in the workshop that i had in my inventory and i was watching them grow and hatch into the Norns known as Burgel, Babette and Berold when i got a death notification which really confused me until the final egg hatched revealing a stillborn norn. i've always wondered why this sometimes happens and the only existing answer i found online about it is the the norn's incompatibility with a gene combination though it was pretty creepy when a little female hatched dead and it looked like it was in the midst of waving.
for a bit of a wider genepool i hatched a siamese female and placed her in the workshop after naming her Akuna, i then imported the two other siblings Barwon and Berinike who have lovely colourings by the way with a full zebra body and then little apple arms. Burgel  was the first to reach the meso and so won a huge pile of food and the norn nanny by the wonderful Ghosthande to keep her company.

she was followed closely behind by her brother Berold  and sister Babette. Akuna worked out pretty quickly she needed food and made her way to the norn meso. the brother and sister Barwon and Berinike however was a different case entirely. all the did was walk into walls and into doors without actually opening them. their lifeforce dropped down to 1% and i thought "well this is it for them, i wish i could help them" i had pretty much gave up on them and returned to norn meso.

 as i returned i was greeted with a pregnancy message courtsy of Burgel and Berold but there was only 1 egg so far. suddenly Barwon and Berinike burst into the meso declaring their dislike for eachother so god knows what happened between then but they refuse to be near eachother

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

creatures DS first generation

 in the norn meso i currently have two norns, a apple female i named Amari and Zebra male named Dusk. i intially chose the apple norn because of their resistance to trace amounts of cyanide and ATP decoupler and the zebra norn was just because i enjoy stripes.
 I always fall in love with my norns personalities and these two are no different especially Amari who i am absolutely smitten with because of her adorable personality. she likes to follow dusk around the meso and as you can see from the pictures he is obviously older then her so it was kinda like a momma duck with her little ducklings and she constantly felt the need to say "Amari like Dusk" which was really cute as well. as you can see i inserted the chilli pepper pot from the hardman norn pack and she absolutely loves them while Dusk on the other hand prefers the much milder Tuba for his dinner with the occasional mini apple.

Amari reached the Youth stage at 32 minutes old and as a happy birthday present from Dusk, she was impregnated almost instantly. i don't know about you guys but i think i'd prefer a cake then babies or a cuddle at the very least not twins as you can see Amari was lumbered with. she shortly laid her two eggs although you can only see one here because i'd already moved the other to storage. i wasn't very impressed with Dusk who after getting her pregnant hopped on a lift and went to the top of the meso to have his dinner but thats men for you xD
hopefully in my next post i can bring more news of of this happy if not odd family

new blog :D

hello and welcome to my new blog dedicated to the creatures franchise :3

this blog is dedicated to not only my norns but other's norns as well as agents and meta rooms that i've found throughtout my internetly travels.

i've never really had a blog before so lets see how long i can keep this up and see if i can actually drum up any interest from our creature community