Friday, 2 November 2012

CCSF 2012

hey guys its time for CCSF 2012!! i'm so excited to see all the new entries

lets take a look at what has been released so far as the theme is new worlds and it is narrated by jessica herself in a travel diary style which makes you want to know what is coming next.

the first planet jessica shee came upon was the colourful planet that held colour even in the air and this species cropped up, the Colourtrue Ettins which can be downloaded here:

we have the Day two of the CCSF upon us as we speak so stay tuned to all that happens, next planet is a rather watery and sandy looking planet

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

new breeding love

so i really love the look of the beowulf norns which are these tailess creatures here ========>
but what happens when you just so happen to put a bit of these guys?

i know am the proud owner of purple beowulf norns. now some are deep purple like their twilight ancestory while others are more muted shade of purple making them look more greyish but i can't tell you how beautiful they look without showing you a picture

Monday, 23 July 2012

i'm back :D

so i had a little bit of a break from creatures but i've come back with good news and bad news

the good news is i could adopted another creature from creatures link and she settled in lovely and i continued in the breeding chain but the bad news is that creatures four has been pushed back to the 4th part of the year simply because they are still making it

from what i understand in my absence from everything creature related not many people have been posting blogs or much of anything although one thing i did catch up on and was really excited about was the City norns created by Exploring The Ark and although i haven't managed to get them working yet they look utterly gorgeous!
also recently released are the Moonshadow Grendels V2 by the wonderful and great, Grendel Man!!! even before i joined in with the creatures community i knew who this guy was and i've always loved his breeds but over all with just these two new breeds alone it shows that our community isn't dead and that we won't die because we are still churning out these great breeds and people like me will continue to write about it <3
something i have been waiting for to come out but is in the polishing stage so hopefully we won't have to wait much longer for is the Garden box by Amaikokonut and when it is finally released you can imagine just how big a piece of news this will be for the community. from what i understand amaikokonut is busy at the moment but i will be here waiting with bated breath to try another of her creations

Sunday, 27 May 2012

finally new news!!!

yes the long awaited post we've been waiting for and now we finally know what is going to be in the pre-order pack properly.
But what does this mean?

Main features

  • A strong license
  • Fully bridged (iPad® / iPhone® / PC / Mac® / Android): start a game on your computer, keep playing on your smartphone!
  • Collector Edition including a Norn with a unique genetic code, a figurine, the three original games and the equivalent of 20 euros in your virtual wallet
  • A completely new universe in 3D
  • An exceptional artificial intelligence


    So who is will be getting the collector edition? as soon as i hears that its out i'll be snapping up a copy. they said they are rereleasing the orginal 3 games so it makes me wonder if they are just going to give us albian years and exodus or if they are properly going to release them all nice and shiny, updated to run and todays machines properly

    time will tell

Thursday, 10 May 2012

restarted docking station

so i finally got round to restarting creatures docking station on my computer. i couldn't bring myself to do it before because all the work i had lost. thankfully i still have two of my favourite norns that were saved in separate folders but other then that everything had to be started again.

so i got C2toDS working with C1toDS although C2 doesn't like to work properly without its music.
starting over means i've lost my previous breeding projects so i will be starting again with one male, a zebra norn named Stripes and two females, a siamese norn named Albine and a bengal des neiges named Alide and i will keep you posted on what happens to them :3

Monday, 16 April 2012


so with the exception of dafne and debris because of them being in seperate folders, all my creatures 3 and docking station folders have gone. poof! am i sad? yes incredibly so. i'm going to try and fix whatever happened and see if its still hiding in the machine somewhere but for now i'm going to see if i can get creatures 2 working as i have the strong urge to replay it and breed the bat norns made by the wonderful norn girl but i'm having just as many problems with that game as i am with everything else xD why does creatures hate me so...come on C4 i need you to lift my spirits in my time of need

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

norn farming?

so i was looking about the blogs of the creatures community listed on Discover Albia's list of links and there are quite a few interesting one i must say but something that peaked my interest is this blog here:
i love the idea of farming and letting people adopt and after the great success of CreatureLink hosted by the lovely Jessica i'm more determined to do something similar to docking station galaxy and the creature link but no one likes a copy cat so hopefully i can find a way to be different but still not have to do much xD

but the question is what breed do i choose to start with? should i occasionally mix them? i want to also breed them for their genes but unfotunately i'm completely useless at that but one thing i have decided on is i am going to 1 female norn that raises all the babies and one that has been a mother so she can raise them properly to be good proper norns and i think i have a Dodgy norn with the name Alice who would be the perfect surrogate. although i usually pick female Fallow norns because i think they are just so beautiful i always feel sad when they die :C

Saturday, 24 March 2012

third generation and creatures link

 so when i last left off we had the siblings and Akuna and we actually have the result for this generation as we are already actually on the fourth xD
out of him and his brother, Berold became the alpha male and Burgel his alpha female and in total they had 5 children, one female named Cella and 4 boys named Curd, Cha'tima, Caspar and Corvinius while it was found out that Babette was infertile, Akuna had a total of 6 eggs all at the same time although only two of them were female, they were identical and i named them Chisaku and Chisaka while the boys were called: Chizuma, Chirou, Chuuichirou and Chouji before i quickly exported them. it is also important to note that Benerike also had a son although he died after hatching

 so it was on with the next generation and i had recently adopted from a little norn named Nostrio who I would be putting into the alpha succession with the other boys.
the females were as follows: Ari - a spot norn who died quite early on.
Adora - a bengal des neiges norn which is a black and white bengal.
Cella the only daughter of Burgel and Chisaku and Chisaka the daughters of Akuna.

now there were also winners for this already too because i am a fast worker :3 but first let me tell you a little about Nostrio, although he was kept with the other males he only ever sat in the carrot patch on his own unless his friend Cha'tima came to see him then they would sit together and when the females were first let in they instantly rushed towards him! he must have been terrified but this what you get for having good genes i guess. he had his eye on one female which was Cella but then sadly i heard the kisspop and saw the markers indicating a pregnancy and low and behold Cha'tima is the new alpha along with Chisaka and so far they have only had one child. straight after Cha'tima decided Adora would be next on his list and she had two eggs so we have a total of 3 eggs so far but this wasn't enough for our norns. oh no of course not. Nostrio decided to sneak in after Adora had laid her eggs and decided he would become a father and he ended up having two norn daughters with will become available on the creatures link at some point so look out for Dafne and Debris in the near future. thankfully i exported adora and nostrio before they could create anything else.
as of yet I am still waiting for Cha'tima to make Chisaku and Cella preggers  but we have a lot of time

Friday, 9 March 2012

creatures 4 update

so i found this, this morning:

its a subscription page for the creatures 4 newsletter so sign up NOW :D

Thursday, 23 February 2012

second gen chaos

 and so the second generation IQ test begins. many breeders from our community should already be aware of the IQ test but for those that don't it is a basic survival test to weed out the weaker norns you have stronger generations. you start by placing the eggs or young norns in the work shop and without any help from yourself, they must realise the need to survive and enter the norn meso to find food.

 Amari laid 6 eggs in the end but two ended up hatching without me realising so i quickly exported them until i was ready to start the test. so i began placing the eggs in the workshop that i had in my inventory and i was watching them grow and hatch into the Norns known as Burgel, Babette and Berold when i got a death notification which really confused me until the final egg hatched revealing a stillborn norn. i've always wondered why this sometimes happens and the only existing answer i found online about it is the the norn's incompatibility with a gene combination though it was pretty creepy when a little female hatched dead and it looked like it was in the midst of waving.
for a bit of a wider genepool i hatched a siamese female and placed her in the workshop after naming her Akuna, i then imported the two other siblings Barwon and Berinike who have lovely colourings by the way with a full zebra body and then little apple arms. Burgel  was the first to reach the meso and so won a huge pile of food and the norn nanny by the wonderful Ghosthande to keep her company.

she was followed closely behind by her brother Berold  and sister Babette. Akuna worked out pretty quickly she needed food and made her way to the norn meso. the brother and sister Barwon and Berinike however was a different case entirely. all the did was walk into walls and into doors without actually opening them. their lifeforce dropped down to 1% and i thought "well this is it for them, i wish i could help them" i had pretty much gave up on them and returned to norn meso.

 as i returned i was greeted with a pregnancy message courtsy of Burgel and Berold but there was only 1 egg so far. suddenly Barwon and Berinike burst into the meso declaring their dislike for eachother so god knows what happened between then but they refuse to be near eachother

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

creatures DS first generation

 in the norn meso i currently have two norns, a apple female i named Amari and Zebra male named Dusk. i intially chose the apple norn because of their resistance to trace amounts of cyanide and ATP decoupler and the zebra norn was just because i enjoy stripes.
 I always fall in love with my norns personalities and these two are no different especially Amari who i am absolutely smitten with because of her adorable personality. she likes to follow dusk around the meso and as you can see from the pictures he is obviously older then her so it was kinda like a momma duck with her little ducklings and she constantly felt the need to say "Amari like Dusk" which was really cute as well. as you can see i inserted the chilli pepper pot from the hardman norn pack and she absolutely loves them while Dusk on the other hand prefers the much milder Tuba for his dinner with the occasional mini apple.

Amari reached the Youth stage at 32 minutes old and as a happy birthday present from Dusk, she was impregnated almost instantly. i don't know about you guys but i think i'd prefer a cake then babies or a cuddle at the very least not twins as you can see Amari was lumbered with. she shortly laid her two eggs although you can only see one here because i'd already moved the other to storage. i wasn't very impressed with Dusk who after getting her pregnant hopped on a lift and went to the top of the meso to have his dinner but thats men for you xD
hopefully in my next post i can bring more news of of this happy if not odd family

new blog :D

hello and welcome to my new blog dedicated to the creatures franchise :3

this blog is dedicated to not only my norns but other's norns as well as agents and meta rooms that i've found throughtout my internetly travels.

i've never really had a blog before so lets see how long i can keep this up and see if i can actually drum up any interest from our creature community