Sunday, 27 May 2012

finally new news!!!

yes the long awaited post we've been waiting for and now we finally know what is going to be in the pre-order pack properly.
But what does this mean?

Main features

  • A strong license
  • Fully bridged (iPad® / iPhone® / PC / Mac® / Android): start a game on your computer, keep playing on your smartphone!
  • Collector Edition including a Norn with a unique genetic code, a figurine, the three original games and the equivalent of 20 euros in your virtual wallet
  • A completely new universe in 3D
  • An exceptional artificial intelligence


    So who is will be getting the collector edition? as soon as i hears that its out i'll be snapping up a copy. they said they are rereleasing the orginal 3 games so it makes me wonder if they are just going to give us albian years and exodus or if they are properly going to release them all nice and shiny, updated to run and todays machines properly

    time will tell

Thursday, 10 May 2012

restarted docking station

so i finally got round to restarting creatures docking station on my computer. i couldn't bring myself to do it before because all the work i had lost. thankfully i still have two of my favourite norns that were saved in separate folders but other then that everything had to be started again.

so i got C2toDS working with C1toDS although C2 doesn't like to work properly without its music.
starting over means i've lost my previous breeding projects so i will be starting again with one male, a zebra norn named Stripes and two females, a siamese norn named Albine and a bengal des neiges named Alide and i will keep you posted on what happens to them :3