Tuesday, 27 March 2012

norn farming?

so i was looking about the blogs of the creatures community listed on Discover Albia's list of links and there are quite a few interesting one i must say but something that peaked my interest is this blog here: http://dockingstationgalaxy.blogspot.co.uk/
i love the idea of farming and letting people adopt and after the great success of CreatureLink hosted by the lovely Jessica i'm more determined to do something similar to docking station galaxy and the creature link but no one likes a copy cat so hopefully i can find a way to be different but still not have to do much xD

but the question is what breed do i choose to start with? should i occasionally mix them? i want to also breed them for their genes but unfotunately i'm completely useless at that but one thing i have decided on is i am going to 1 female norn that raises all the babies and one that has been a mother so she can raise them properly to be good proper norns and i think i have a Dodgy norn with the name Alice who would be the perfect surrogate. although i usually pick female Fallow norns because i think they are just so beautiful i always feel sad when they die :C


  1. Good luck! There are a lot of ways you could go about a breeding project or farm. Perhaps you could focus on just one breed, and aim for interesting mutations... Or different pigments! You could also try some selective breeding with several Norn breeds to achieve a certain appearance.

    Speaking of Fallow Norns, I think you'll be happy about my next update about the C3/DS world! Hopefully I'll have it posted today, or early tomorrow!

  2. i think i want to aim for different pigments because i've found that siamese norns are the easiest to change the pigments of over the breeding cycle because i've been able to get blue and red ones before but at the same time if i can get the genetics kit working i'd like to see the different mutations but i may have to send you a few files if i can't get it working xD

    Leyfin looks gorgeous i definitely want her babies as soon as they go up on creaturelink