Monday, 23 July 2012

i'm back :D

so i had a little bit of a break from creatures but i've come back with good news and bad news

the good news is i could adopted another creature from creatures link and she settled in lovely and i continued in the breeding chain but the bad news is that creatures four has been pushed back to the 4th part of the year simply because they are still making it

from what i understand in my absence from everything creature related not many people have been posting blogs or much of anything although one thing i did catch up on and was really excited about was the City norns created by Exploring The Ark and although i haven't managed to get them working yet they look utterly gorgeous!
also recently released are the Moonshadow Grendels V2 by the wonderful and great, Grendel Man!!! even before i joined in with the creatures community i knew who this guy was and i've always loved his breeds but over all with just these two new breeds alone it shows that our community isn't dead and that we won't die because we are still churning out these great breeds and people like me will continue to write about it <3
something i have been waiting for to come out but is in the polishing stage so hopefully we won't have to wait much longer for is the Garden box by Amaikokonut and when it is finally released you can imagine just how big a piece of news this will be for the community. from what i understand amaikokonut is busy at the moment but i will be here waiting with bated breath to try another of her creations


  1. Thanks for downloading the City Norns! Is there anything I can help you with to get them working for you? I know it's a bit more fiddly than other breeds (which is something I hope to change for their final release!) so I'm happy to help if you're have problems. :)

  2. the only problem i've had with them is actually getting the egg to appear xD i got that agent you mentioned in the post for it to get the eggs but i don't know what to do from there xD

  3. Okay, here's some notes I put up on Creatures Caves. Hopefully this should help!

    To use the Eggernator to spawn eggs from genomes:

    1) Inject the Eggernator agent. I normally do this from the Docking Station injector. The Eggernator should look like a big blue box with pictured tabs on the side.

    2)Click the tab with the icon that shows DNA --> Egg - this should be the second from the bottom tab. This tab allows you to type the name of a genome in your Genetics folder and spawn an egg from it.

    3)A white typing box should appear above the Eggernator. Type the file name for the genome you want - in this case "citynornbeta" (minus the quotation marks!). Press Enter on your keyboard to spawn the egg!