Wednesday, 26 September 2012

new breeding love

so i really love the look of the beowulf norns which are these tailess creatures here ========>
but what happens when you just so happen to put a bit of these guys?

i know am the proud owner of purple beowulf norns. now some are deep purple like their twilight ancestory while others are more muted shade of purple making them look more greyish but i can't tell you how beautiful they look without showing you a picture


  1. Very nice mix! I may need to try this out myself when I have a random day for a breeding project. On a side note, that's a whole lot of apples! Nobody better go hungry with all of that delicious food around!

  2. the purple pigment from the twilight norns gets passed on to pretty much all the breeds so it looks really good on some of them.
    yeah i might of gone a bit mad with apple but only because there an't that many agents for garden box :<